Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Original Bee’s Wax Polish Spray – Product Review

The Original Bee's Wax Furniture Polish Spray
The Original Bee’s Wax Polish spray, named best furniture polish by “House Beautiful,” uses an old world formula to clean and protect surfaces. The Original Bee’s Wax Polish wipes fingerprints away without leaving a waxy build up. Unlike the most well-known brands of cleaners that only clean one surface, The Original Bees Wax Polish effectively cleans glass, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, marble, granite, and even leather. This means that if you are cleaning a multi-surface table, entertainment unit, or piece of furniture, you won’t have to switch between cleaners and polishes to get the whole area clean. This reduces the amount of time that cleaning takes, as well as prevents damage that can occur when the wrong cleaner is used on the wrong surface. Using an award winning all-in-one cleaner also reduces the cost associated with having to buy a different cleaner for each surface in your

The best part about The Original Bee’s Wax Polish is that it doesn’t just clean surfaces, it also protects them. In fact, The Original Bee’s Wax Polish actually makes granite acid resistant, making it a cost effective way to preserve high-end granite counter tops. It even enhances the true beauty of wood without buffing while simultaneously also keeping the wood from drying out.

With a formula that’s made in the USA, The Original Bee’s Wax Polish is a staple when it comes to cleaning furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms both professionally and at home. This powerful cleaning and protecting spray can even be purchased in larger quantities at a savings if you have an application that requires multiple cans, or if you just want to stock up for your home.

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snoozies Foot Covers Product Review

Are you looking to keep your feet warm indoors this winter? Snoozies slippers are a great, comfortable option to keep your feet toasty through the colder months. These slippers come with fuzzy interiors to keep your feet cozy and have a fleece outer layer. Snoozies come in a variety of colors and whimsical patterns, so you can choose whatever fits your personality best. Be sure to keep away those winter blues with bright pattern options such as flower designs, martinis, peace signs or colored animal prints. Because Snoozies are inexpensive, we love the option of having multiple pairs to fit your mood each day. Remember - “If the shoe fits, buy it every color.”

The thin soles are not sturdy for outdoor wear, but they hold up for wearing around the house. Give you feet some pampering while you go about holiday cooking, lounging and doing chores about the house. For extra soft feet, apply lotion on those tired soles, slip on the Snoozies and continue with your list of to-dos. Snoozies are machine washable and safe for the dryer as well. Keep in mind that the sizes tend to run large to give your tootsies plenty of wiggle room.

Your shoe collection should not just be limited to heels and pumps, having something warm and fuzzy is great for any gal to come home to. When your feet need a little tender-loving-care around the home, Snoozies are perfect for the task. With their great price and delightful appearance, Snooizes make for great holiday gifts! Tell us what your favorite pattern is in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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