Thursday, April 24, 2014

4 Ways to Pick the Best Gift for a Loved One

4 Ways to Pick the Best Gift for a Loved One

Planning a Surprise Gift

Are you planning to give your special someone a surprise gift but you are having a hard time of choosing the best one that will suit his or her special day? Well, there is no need to worry because there is now a perfect place where you can find the most special and meaningful gift that will surely be appreciated by your loved ones!
A gift symbolizes a lot of things and is meant for certain special occasions. It portrays love, thankfulness, gratefulness, appreciation and a lot more. Whenever you receive a gift, you feel so special, beautiful, and young.

Here are ways on how to pick the best gift for your loved one:
Know the Interest of the Person

If the person loves to draw or to make scrapbooks then, look for the things that he or she needs that they may use to make their area of interest. If they love reading, then this is the time for you to give them the books that they haven’t read yet. Letting them know that you are participating and giving importance to what they love to do the most, they will surely appreciate it more than you ever expected.  

Know About the Person’s Childhood Memories

One of the best gifts that you can ever give to your loved ones is when the gift represents the happiest and unforgettable memories that they had during their childhood days. You can give them toys like stuffed bears that will surely bring back their sweetest childhood memories.

Know the Person’s Special Wish

Another thing that you can do to be able to pick the best gift is to know what the person’s wish is on their special day. However, you should be careful so that it will remain as a surprise for them. If their special wish can be possibly bought in a store, then don’t waste your time. Buy it right away and wrap it with the coolest gift wrap. But if the special wish is kind of out of this world, then let your creativity do the trick. You may make a miniature or a drawing on a special card and a lot more.

The Gift that Will Show Love

Most of the time, it is very nerve- wracking to choose the right gift but this is not the thing that counts because at the end of the day, the very reason why you are giving a gift to that person is because you want him or her to know how much you care and how much you appreciate the fact that they are part of your life. When you know that person, you will also know right away when a potential gift is something that will best represent your love. 

Hidden Treasures Décor and More carries an extensive collection of gift items that can do the magic. It has a gift collection, cool collectibles and a Hallmark section. Our products like books, toys and other Hallmark collectibles will surely evoke emotions from the person who will be receiving the gift.
You can also find a special collection of gifts that are suited for your special someone like jewelries, books, DVD’s, cool ornaments,  plush toys, cards and a lot more that will evoke the feeling of bursting love and passion. This will be loved by both men and women. Browse our website today and find the best surprise gifts ever!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Smart Ways to Giving Gifts to Babies

Smart Ways to Giving Gifts to Babies
The birth of a baby is not just dorned by the parents, but also family and friends. With the arrival of a new born baby, there is always the need to give out gifts to the parents as a way of congratulating them for the blessing of a new member in the family. Gifts are usually chosen depending on the gender of the newborn. In case the baby is unborn and the parents are not sure of its gender, unisex baby gifts will do. Our sets of gift items for babies are baby safe.
With many gift items available in the market, choosing a suitable product to gift the parents can be quite tricky. However, the high number of options to choose from is a good thing. We provide various baby gift items to choose from, whether you are looking for something to gift a male or female baby, twins or even unisex products. The mud pie puff headband comes in hot and light colour hues for a matching chic look, making it a perfect gift for a baby girl.
Babies put anything they find into their mouth, making it essential for their gifts to be hygienic and baby safe. The baby gift items should have smooth surfaces and made out of soft materials to ensure that the baby’s skin is safe while using or playing with their present, depending on what it is. Baby friendly gift items are also light in weight for safety. If you know the parents well, their tastes and preferences should also be considered.

When out of gift choices for a baby, it is a good idea to ask the parents what they would like for their little one. Perhaps something they have not been able to purchase yet. Check out our BABY section for a range of baby gift ideas to purchase for a baby as a present.

Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Wondering what to buy this Valentine’s Day? Don'y fail by sending your significant other a  “Hug E Gram” or these terrible gifts from Jimmy Kimmel fans. Here are a few suggestions from us, including some gifts you can find here at Hidden Treasures Décor & More. 

Flowers.  Flowers are such common gifts for Valentine’s Day or really any other occasions for a reason.  It is a safe bet they will be loved.  Red roses are the staple flower for Valentine’s Day, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative by adding different color roses, a few of her favorite flowers, or creating a completely personalized arrangement. An assortment of white and red flowers will look classy and make the red roses stand out. A red bouquet with smaller bright green flowers will still have the roses she may expect with bright green hinting at the coming spring. Some guys just don’t understand flowers and don’t like the idea of spending money on something that will be dead in a week. Another option is purchasing artificial roses that will last for years.  The Hallmark Blooming Expressions I Love You Rose opens to reveal an unexpected “I Love You” message when button is pushed. 

Chocolates.  It’s hard to go wrong with a box of chocolates. Personalize the selection of chocolates you give by finding her favorite brand of chocolates or favorite flavors.  Instead of buying a prepackaged box of chocolate, pick out your own assortment at a local chocolate shop.  
Stuffed Animal. Know her favorite animal? Buy a stuffed animal that she will love and that will remind her of you like this adorable pup or Pepe Le Pew’s Kiss Zee Chef plush animal.

Relaxing Gifts. Get her a selection of bath products to give her a chance to unwind and relax in the tub and an excuse to stay in longer than usual.  There are also great lotions and aromatherapy products specifically designed to help with relaxation that make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Jewelry. With jewelry, there is such a vast selection it may be overwhelming.  Take a look at her current selection to get an idea of her style and stick to that for a safe bet on something she will love.  You may find a specific designer she likes that can really make for an easy win.  

We hope this can help give you a few ideas for gifts this Valentine’s Day.  Remember that whatever gift you give, it will mean so much more if it is personalized to her taste. Let us know what you ended up getting below and how it went!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Making New Year's Eve Memorable with New Traditions

Whether you choose to spend New Year's Eve with family, friends or both, you can make the occasion more meaningful by establishing some fun traditions. You can add a level of sentimentality to the night by including simple rituals. You can also consider throwing a big party or choosing a special location to observe the midnight hour. Traditions can vary greatly, but the sentiment can provide years of wonderful memories.

Hosting a New Year's Eve party is a familiar tradition, but you can add a personal touch by creating a unique theme. For example, you can develop a family-friendly tradition of hosting movies, board games and singing. Adapt to an adult crowd by hiring a DJ and renting a dance floor. One of the most important traditions is spending time with people that matter, and that can be accomplished by putting on the party of the year.

Midnight Rituals
The tradition of kissing your significant other at midnight is well-known. Make it more creative by finding a fun location for that midnight kiss. You might choose the same location every year, or you could choose a unique spot annually. In either case, you can make the moment memorable and fun.
A midnight toast is another familiar tradition. Add some creativity by selecting themed champagne glasses like redneck champagne flukes. Make it meaningful by writing a sentimental speech or a humorous limerick to read before the glasses clink. Simplify it by encouraging everyone present to share a resolution or positive thought for the coming year.

Resolutions and Alternatives
Many people enjoy the idea of choosing a resolution for the New Year. However, many are also frustrated by the idea of trying to keep up with a lofty goal. Consider replacing resolutions with New Year's predictions, encouraging those with whom you celebrate to make a personal prediction for the coming year. This will allow for that same sentiment without the pressure to perform.

Cultural Traditions
You can explore the New Year's traditions of the international community by serving different foods and observing special activities. Make a huge batch of tamales for a Mexican observance. Eat round fruit and wear polka dots as you ring in the year Philippines style. Don't forget to sing Auld Lange Syne as you add a Scottish flair to your celebration.

Traditions are fun, and you can make your celebration an event to remember by including those activities that will make a personal impact for you and for those with whom you share New Year's Eve. For a wide selection of decorations for this holiday season visit our online store.  We carry seasonal decorations and much more.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Party Table Décor Ideas

Tis the season for holiday parties!  This time of year is filled with times to get together with friends and family to celebrate the holiday season. We all want our homes to look perfect and well decorated, but you don’t have to break the bank of worry too much to get thing looking festive for your celebrations. Instead of stressing about your entire home, focus on the most inviting area - where the food will be. There are plenty of ideas out there for fun decorations and accents. 

Here are a few of our favorite ideas to adding Christmas spirit to your kitchen:

Christmas in the Kitchen

Christmas serving platters – These are great for cookies, desserts or an appetizer such cheese and cracker plate 

Decorative Handtowels – A quick way to add some holiday cheer to a guest bathroom or kitchen by hanging over the oven handle

Holiday Mugs – Who doesn’t love a cup of hot chocolate or homemade eggnog during the holidays, spruce up your glass with a “naughty or nice” option

Santa Salt and Pepper Shakers – Another easy way to add some Christmas “spice” to your kitchen is with Santa boot themed salt and pepper shakers

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Original Bee’s Wax Polish Spray – Product Review

The Original Bee's Wax Furniture Polish Spray
The Original Bee’s Wax Polish spray, named best furniture polish by “House Beautiful,” uses an old world formula to clean and protect surfaces. The Original Bee’s Wax Polish wipes fingerprints away without leaving a waxy build up. Unlike the most well-known brands of cleaners that only clean one surface, The Original Bees Wax Polish effectively cleans glass, stainless steel, wrought iron, wood, marble, granite, and even leather. This means that if you are cleaning a multi-surface table, entertainment unit, or piece of furniture, you won’t have to switch between cleaners and polishes to get the whole area clean. This reduces the amount of time that cleaning takes, as well as prevents damage that can occur when the wrong cleaner is used on the wrong surface. Using an award winning all-in-one cleaner also reduces the cost associated with having to buy a different cleaner for each surface in your

The best part about The Original Bee’s Wax Polish is that it doesn’t just clean surfaces, it also protects them. In fact, The Original Bee’s Wax Polish actually makes granite acid resistant, making it a cost effective way to preserve high-end granite counter tops. It even enhances the true beauty of wood without buffing while simultaneously also keeping the wood from drying out.

With a formula that’s made in the USA, The Original Bee’s Wax Polish is a staple when it comes to cleaning furniture, kitchens, and bathrooms both professionally and at home. This powerful cleaning and protecting spray can even be purchased in larger quantities at a savings if you have an application that requires multiple cans, or if you just want to stock up for your home.

Here at Hidden Treasures Decor & More, we carry The Original Bee’s Wax Polish in 17oz cans, made in the USA.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Snoozies Foot Covers Product Review

Are you looking to keep your feet warm indoors this winter? Snoozies slippers are a great, comfortable option to keep your feet toasty through the colder months. These slippers come with fuzzy interiors to keep your feet cozy and have a fleece outer layer. Snoozies come in a variety of colors and whimsical patterns, so you can choose whatever fits your personality best. Be sure to keep away those winter blues with bright pattern options such as flower designs, martinis, peace signs or colored animal prints. Because Snoozies are inexpensive, we love the option of having multiple pairs to fit your mood each day. Remember - “If the shoe fits, buy it every color.”

The thin soles are not sturdy for outdoor wear, but they hold up for wearing around the house. Give you feet some pampering while you go about holiday cooking, lounging and doing chores about the house. For extra soft feet, apply lotion on those tired soles, slip on the Snoozies and continue with your list of to-dos. Snoozies are machine washable and safe for the dryer as well. Keep in mind that the sizes tend to run large to give your tootsies plenty of wiggle room.

Your shoe collection should not just be limited to heels and pumps, having something warm and fuzzy is great for any gal to come home to. When your feet need a little tender-loving-care around the home, Snoozies are perfect for the task. With their great price and delightful appearance, Snooizes make for great holiday gifts! Tell us what your favorite pattern is in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

At Hidden Treasures Decor & More we carry a huge supply of Snoozies for both men and women.  Browse our store to find the perfect pair for you!