Monday, January 6, 2014

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Wondering what to buy this Valentine’s Day? Don'y fail by sending your significant other a  “Hug E Gram” or these terrible gifts from Jimmy Kimmel fans. Here are a few suggestions from us, including some gifts you can find here at Hidden Treasures Décor & More. 

Flowers.  Flowers are such common gifts for Valentine’s Day or really any other occasions for a reason.  It is a safe bet they will be loved.  Red roses are the staple flower for Valentine’s Day, but don’t be afraid to get a little creative by adding different color roses, a few of her favorite flowers, or creating a completely personalized arrangement. An assortment of white and red flowers will look classy and make the red roses stand out. A red bouquet with smaller bright green flowers will still have the roses she may expect with bright green hinting at the coming spring. Some guys just don’t understand flowers and don’t like the idea of spending money on something that will be dead in a week. Another option is purchasing artificial roses that will last for years.  The Hallmark Blooming Expressions I Love You Rose opens to reveal an unexpected “I Love You” message when button is pushed. 

Chocolates.  It’s hard to go wrong with a box of chocolates. Personalize the selection of chocolates you give by finding her favorite brand of chocolates or favorite flavors.  Instead of buying a prepackaged box of chocolate, pick out your own assortment at a local chocolate shop.  
Stuffed Animal. Know her favorite animal? Buy a stuffed animal that she will love and that will remind her of you like this adorable pup or Pepe Le Pew’s Kiss Zee Chef plush animal.

Relaxing Gifts. Get her a selection of bath products to give her a chance to unwind and relax in the tub and an excuse to stay in longer than usual.  There are also great lotions and aromatherapy products specifically designed to help with relaxation that make great Valentine’s Day gifts.

Jewelry. With jewelry, there is such a vast selection it may be overwhelming.  Take a look at her current selection to get an idea of her style and stick to that for a safe bet on something she will love.  You may find a specific designer she likes that can really make for an easy win.  

We hope this can help give you a few ideas for gifts this Valentine’s Day.  Remember that whatever gift you give, it will mean so much more if it is personalized to her taste. Let us know what you ended up getting below and how it went!

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